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Basic principles of retention and loyalty for online operations

Expert Emiliano Sanchez uses his experience and perceptiveness to clarify how relationships with customers are manifested today. From his point of view, the best strategy is to establish personalized contact with them in order to strengthen their connection to the brand and, as a direct impact, boost operator’s revenues.

The Grey Shades of the millennial paradigm shift

Our expert Emiliano Sanchez develops a very intelligent approach in which he explains how social and consumer changes of new generations are an opportunity for gaming companies to grow and evolve, understanding their motivations and incorporating these new players into their business.

We combine experience, classical development and the incorporation of new trends and technologies

Emiliano Sanchez, Chief Commercial Officer at Mancala Gaming, explains the company’s innovative commercial offering, with its ‘B2B2C strategy.’ He also describes how its gamification and retention tools are helping operators from all over the world to engage and maintain new players in their platforms.

Is Latin America the next big thing?

A quick but complete look at the reality of gaming in the region makes it possible to detect attractive investment opportunities, as well as challenges that must be overcome in order to take full advantage of the prospects for progress in the sector,